The Perfect Clitoris Massage Video


Tips and advice about Clitoris Orgasms Massage.

Massaging the clitoris using fingers, oral sex or vibrators causes the sexual body tension to build up.

Orgasm occurs when the tension is released in a series on involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions that can be felt in the vagina, uterus and or anus.

However, very woman is different, and some women experience orgasm without contractions.

One can massage and stimulate the clitoris in a number of ways. Some ways are by rubbing, sucking, kissing, body pressure and using a vibrator.

Some women like direct clitoris massage or stimulation while other find this too sensitive. One can also touch close to the clitoris without directly touching. Sometimes, too much clitoris massage can cause the sensations to decrease.

The following has some tips in clitoris massage that I do professionally.

  • Try blowing on the clitoris. DO NOT BLOW into the vulva as this is dangerous.

  • A Gentle Touch and Tickle of the clitoris. Tickle the clit extremely lightly and gently.

  • Door bell lift with a finger totally off clit and repeat.

  • Pinch and pull the clitoris. Very Gently!

  • Rock Around The Clit Clock. With your forefinger, make tiny circles around the clitoris, stopping at every one of twelve "hours". Many woman are very sensitive at two o'clock.

  • Stimulate the shaft of the clitoris with 2 fingers.

The clitoris can also be stimulated during intercourse. Generally when the man is on top this causes his pubic bone to massage the clitoris.

If you are a man, ask your lover how she masturbates. Even better, show her how you masturbate and watch her masturbate too. This is very erotic but a real stretch for some. Every women is different, so do not expect to be perfect without some feedback.

In sex and clitoris orgasms, there is no correct way. Anything that works and feels good and makes you feel great afterwards is what counts.

Highly recommended

I've tried the faucet trick before and it's great. I've done it ever since I was very young, but after a while I just got too horny too often. Now I lie on my back on my bed and spread my legs and use one finger on my clit and wiggle it from side to side until I cum. It's really great. I recommend it. Please try it girls!

Just rub it

When you are really horny just take your whole hand and rub your clitoris until you hit a great orgasm! You can also do it as many times as you want. Multiple orgasms make it better.

Hard Hood

I take off my pants and use the tips of my pointer and middle finger on one hand to rub on the clitoral hood of my pussy. Manual stimulation is much better for me than using a vibrator or water stimulation. I rub the hood very fast and hard and do not insert any fingers into my vagina.

Building Pressure

You can lay down or sit. I think sitting makes more pressure on your clit. Get naked except for panties. Take your index or middle finger and rub up and down on your clit. Tighten your muscles and push down on the lips of your clit. It feels soooooo good!

Spread Wide

When I'm horny, I lay in my bed, slide my panties down, and spread my legs as far as I can. I take my middle finger and slide it down and massage my clit. Sometimes I move it up and down fast like someone is licking my clit, sometimes I just massage it fast. I arch my back a little and the orgasm is amazing!

Pussy squeeze

I like to first fantasize about past sexual encounters. My favorite is this guy named Gregg, who is a bartender. He was the first guy that fingered me and that gave me such a great orgasm. I also fantasize about a woman eating me while fingering me. As soon as my pussy starts to pulse, I start to slightly rub the top of my pussy gently with my whole hand on top of my panties. After I feel wetness in my panties, I insert my hand into my panties with my right index finger, my middle finger, and my ring finger. I cross my legs and put all 3 fingers on my clit while I move it up and down, crossing my legs. I then squeeze the muscles in my legs and my pussy. I get 6 to 7 orgasm a session.

Mascara madness

I sit down on my swivel chair and start to read the amazing stories on this site. I get naked and spread my legs wide open over the arms of the chair. I found that using just my fingers was good, but my hand ached a lot. Now I use the end of an old mascara tube and rotate it round my clit first slowly and then at top speed. The stories get me soo horny and I just keep going and going until I can feel the muscles in my vagina twitching and going crazy!! The warm juices pour from me and I almost black out from the sensation!!

Press here

Take your index and middle finger and press it against one of the lips of your pussy. Press against that one lip until you can feel a really nice pressure on your clit and then just start rubbing your clit from there. I don't know what it is that makes that great sensation, but I definitely like that better than just rubbing against your clit with your fingers. Almost like an intense tease.

Touchy subject

I like to lay in bed with my legs spread wide open. I usually rub my hood; my clit is very sensitive. I've directly rubbed my clit a few times and nearly came, but it got way too sensitive to touch.

Just fingers

First I put on some quiet music and close my eyes. Then I lie on my back and open the lips to my pussy. Then I take my finger and rub the little spot just above where you finger yourself. If you rub it just right, you'll feel a nice feeling. Then, after a while, I rub it real fast and it feels so good that I start to shake! It works like a charm!

Simply the best

I usually get myself wet just by fantasizing about having sex in lots of different scenarios and positions, and then when I can feel my wetness through my panties, I take them off. I like to just rest my fingers in my wetness for a moment and then drag them up to my clit. It's so warm and slick. Then I play with my clit, and sometimes finger myself at the same time. I rub my clit in circular motions, or sometimes just barely touch it over and over, until I orgasm. Playing with my clit is the best way to orgasm.

Finger-flicking good

I'm a finger gal. Just rub your clit really fast and you get an orgasm in seconds! Imagining a guy licking it helps a lot.

Wiggle away

I lie on my stomach with my finger against my clitoris. I wiggle my hips back and forth while curling and uncurling my finger just above my clit. I get faster and usually cum in under two minutes.

Finger tips

I lie down on the bed naked or with something loose on. I put my hand down my panties and I put my middle finger where the bone is right after the vagina starts. I start thinking about having sex and I start to move my finger left and right, slow and then fast, until I have an awesome orgasm!!!

By the book

Take an old notebook with the metal coils on the side and rub your clit with it. It feels so good!!!!

Straw draw

I just rub the straw of a fruit box over my clit. Sounds plain, but works wonders!

A good read

I like to get online, or read a nice juicy book, with stories like these. I strip from the waist down and lie in my bed with only the sheet covering my lower half. Usually the lights are out and only candles or a low-illuminating bulb is burning. I read as many stories as it takes to feel my underwear become damp and my inner muscles begin to clamp down rhythmically with the story that I'm reading. When I feel my clit become really hard, I slide my hand over my breasts, just teasing the nipples, tweaking them. The zing of pleasure usually causes my body to jerk slightly.

Then I run just my fingertips down my torso, pressing down when I come to the top of my panties. By this time, I'm really wet and can feel myself dripping through the cotton. Then I pull the panties off my legs. I only use one finger to circle my clit, brushing lightly on the places that I know will drive me wild. I like to fantasize about men touching me as I touch myself. When I know I can't take it anymore, then I slide my finger against this certain spot on the right side of my clit. One or two gentle, but quick, rubs sends me right over the top.

Inner lips

Start by slowly stroking your clit....enough to get yourself just a bit wet...then slowly rub your inner lips, letting your fingers slide down the sides of your lips....then back over the clit....then back down the's amazing.

Exciting experiment

With the index and middle fingers of your left hand, pull up on your labia to expose the hood of the clit. This will also make your clit pop out. Dip a finger from your right hand in your juice for lubrication. Very gently flick your lubed finger back and forth across the head of your clit. Experiment with different strokes: horizontal, vertical, and circular.

Roll-on pleasure

This feels nice: First, put oil in an empty roll-on deodorant bottle (choose a bottle with a smooth ball). Then gently rub your clit with the roll-on in a circular and up-and-down motion, varying the speed according to your preference. Tip: It feels even better when you stroke up and down from the hood of the clit to the space between the vagina and anus. Rub and enjoy!

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